German Hospital / Police Forces attack Resisters

15th&16th of June, 2013 – Istanbul, Turkey

Police Attack in Sıraselviler Street, next to German Hospital
Police attack continued whole night in Istanbul starting from 20.51 on 15th of June until 06.00, next morning. This is the visual material we could record from our flat to document illegal and disproportionate use of police force. Since the street was full of tear-gas, we could not open our windows and therefore we could not record voices well.

Police shot tear-gas bombs directly onto people although they should have been shot with a 45-degree angle. German Hospital health officers and people inside have been affected by tear-gas. Police repelled people by their bombs and water cannons. Police attack is still going on all around Istanbul and in several other cities. Government stays blind to demands of us, the people. Mainstream media does not show the unlawful and inhuman state terror. PM incessantly threatens and provokes the people.

We are worried about our life safety.
Turkish government is the only responsible of the aftermath.

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