At the moment in İstanbul:
we all have gas masks, helmets and goggles on in the house! We left the house for 2 minutes to go get a camera from a few apartments away and the police gassed the street from both ends…about 150 people were trapped on the street, buildings were opening their doors to let people in for refuge…we went in through a door out onto a courtyard where there were 20-30 people hiding among the trees, people telling everyone to be quiet…we had to decide whether to run back to our home or stay there because staying in a more crowded builing would be exactly where the police would attempt to break into- so we ran home. Now we have been in the house 7 of us for the last 3 hours…if you go out with a mask or helmet you get arrested, if you dont wear the gear you get affected by the gas…helicopters are going round and round above us spreading the news to the police of the whereabouts of the people-making it easier for the police on the ground to gas.

This is the situation.

Does this sound like democracy to you?!

A Turkish friend shared this status on Facebook a few minutes ago. Please read and share. (via alymeetsturkey)

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