Yesterday (11.06.2013) the justice palace in Çağlayan was invaded by the police who detained more than 70 (CCN Turk says the number is close to 100) lawyers, dragging them out, even handcuffing some. Why? Because they dared support Gezi Parkı protests. The same day, the police also attacked Taksim Square & Gezi Parkı in thousands, in an effort to cleanse it off the protestors. This happened after several government officials were on TV saying they would not be touching the people in Gezi Parkı, that there’d be no operations there. Then the mayor of Istanbul had the nerve to appear on TV, once again claiming they would not touch the people in Gezi Parkı (although it has already been attacked and at the time the police were throwing gas bombs its way once again), and saying PARENTS should call their children there home as theyl can no longer guarentee the people in Gezi Parkı’s safety!!! How about THAT for a veiled threat?! The only “danger” to the people in Gezi Parkı has been and continues to be the POLICE force of the government which they have been using as their private army. If the government wanted, Gezi Parkı and Taksim square would be a “safe” place for the people, all they’d need to do is keep their police army out and withdraw their orders to attack people! And the government is %100 responsible for whatever happens to the people there due to the attacks of their police. They will NOT be able to blame this on the “bad parents who did not listen to our warnings”. Like, wth?!?!?!

Oh and the government brags that they build the largest Justice Palace of Europe in Çağlayan. Well, who cares for the stupid building and how magnificient it may look when “justice” itself is missing from it and is trampled on by your private army, the police?!?! “Buildings” mean NOTHING.

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